Rockotheque?! What’s that? Well, in Poland, while the country was still really grey (behind the Iron Curtain), radio presenters – they did not like the word ‘djs’ – used the word ‘rockotheque’ to describe their programmes as opposed to the word discotheque, which was quite popular back then. Rockotheques were programmes where a radio presenter would play a half of an LP without interrupting unnecessarily. This is 2015 and this is not radio and I am not the radio presenter – just happen to like the percussive value of the word ‘rockotheque’.

A passionate rock music lover, a promoter for ‘Chopin’s Story by Ian Gillan from Deep Purple’, concert organizer and a friend to some of the greatest acts in rock and roll welcomes you to his musings on music. I am from Poland but you will hardly experience anything written in Polish here. Check out my reviews of new releases, albums from bygone days as well as video reviews and book reviews. Plus, I have a lot of material with interviews I have done over the years. I will also try to tell you about the concerts I have seen. This wordpress page will mainly serve as a writing platform for me, and to accompany this I have created a Facebook page, a YouTube video channel and a Twitter account.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the journey with me.